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SANDSIV and RelentlessCX Boost Namibian Customer Experiences

SANDSIV partner relentlessCX

Collaboration Focuses on providing Customer-Centric Strategies and Optimized Business Processes

Zurich, Switzerland – February 13, 2024  — SANDSIV,  a leading provider of CX and Voice of Customer (VOC) technology, proudly announces a strategic partnership with RelentlessCX, a consulting firm specializing in Customer Experience, Digital Transformation, and Business Process Management. The collaboration aims to empower businesses in Namibia by combining RelentlessCX’s expertise in consulting with SANDSIV’s cutting-edge sandsiv+ platform technology.

In the dynamic business environment of Namibia, where customer experience is paramount, RelentlessCX emerges as a catalyst for change, empowering companies to harness the voice of their customers. The collaboration centers around the sandsiv+ platform, a powerful tool provided by SANDSIV, enabling companies to initiate robust Voice of the Customer (VOC) initiatives. This empowers businesses to listen attentively to customer feedback, understand preferences, and identify areas for meaningful improvement.

Explore how SANDSIV’s cutting-edge technology, embodied by the sandsiv+ platform, is spearheading a global CX revolution. Visit SANDSIV Partners for more information.

Flash quotes:

 “In the dynamic realm of Namibia’s business landscape, sandsiv+ is not merely a platform; it’s a strategic ally that empowers businesses to kickstart their journey of collecting and interpreting the voice of their customers. Together with RelentlessCX, we aim to provide companies with actionable insights that drive meaningful change,” affirmed Mirko Buonerba, Global Partnership Manager at SANDSIV.

Victor Songa Musiwa, Founder of RelentlessCX, emphasized, “At RelentlessCX, we understand that the first step towards transformative change is understanding your customers. The sandsiv+ platform, in collaboration with our consultancy, is the catalyst that propels companies forward, not just in collecting customer voices but in gaining valuable insights that propel them towards operational excellence and customer satisfaction.


Company Profiles:

SANDSIV is an innovation leader in Customer Experience Management (CXM) enterprise solutions. With its cutting-edge end-to-end CXM software solution, SANDSIV empowers businesses worldwide to deliver differentiated customer experiences and foster long-lasting customer loyalty. The company’s commitment to excellence and innovation has enabled it to expand its partner program and establish a world presence that is constantly growing. |

RelentlessCX is recognized as a leading consulting firm dedicated to elevating customer experiences. Their team of seasoned experts works closely with companies to craft customer-centric strategies that enhance engagement, boost satisfaction, and cultivate long-lasting relationships. From meticulously analyzing customer journeys to skillfully implementing personalized touchpoints, RelentlessCX is committed to helping businesses exceed expectations in every interaction. |

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