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SandSIV Launches Voice of the Customer Hub (VoC HUB™)

May 21, 2014 sandsiv+, VOC HUB

ZURICH, May 21, 2014

SandSIV, the Swiss developer of SaaS based Voice of the Customer technologies and recognized expert in Customer Experience Management, has just launched the VoC Hub™, a groundbreaking new unified Customer Intelligence platform that transforms big customer data flows into measurable and actionable business insights.

SandSIV has a long track record of delivering innovative Voice of the Customer (VoC) applications, and in providing expert Customer Experience Management (CXM) know-how that enables organizations to improve customer loyalty, increase revenues and reduce costs.

With its current modular and scalable Customer Experience Management platform that includes several purpose-built applications such as customer survey management, text mining and classification, business rule engines and actionable dashboards, SandSIV already provides a user friendly environment for capturing, analyzing and visualizing the Voice of the Customer in real time, and to turn customer data into actionable insights.

With the VoC Hub™, SandSIV is now able to overcome one of the largest hurdles faced by organizations: turning customer knowledge, across the entire organization, into a dynamic, actionable, always-on, source of real Customer Intelligence (CI) against a backdrop of fragmented, dislocated and multiple sources of customer knowledge and data.

SandSIV has gone the final step, and developed a truly unified and user friendly solution, that can combine the existing CXM environment with additional external and internal data sources (CRM, ERP, Enterprise Feedback Managers, Social Networks and Monitoring tools, etc.), and turn them into a single actionable source of Customer Intelligence.

A new user interface now unifies each of the core SandSIV products into an easy to use environment, that provides full integration of each module, delivering an end-to-end solution for capturing, analyzing, measuring and visualizing the Voice of the Customer.

Underneath this interface, is an incredibly powerful new Big Data repository that leverages several technologies to deliver much more than a simple data store, the VoC Hub™ can intelligently run real-time analytics, providing the ability to action pre-defined business rules, upon all incoming data, and trigger events based upon these rules.

Federico Cesconi, CEO of SandSIV, has spoken out on the launch of VoC Hub™, by saying that, “The SandSIV VoC Hub™ represents a true leap in technology, taking us from Customer Experience Management, into the wider area of Customer Intelligence.”

SandSIV has made a white paper available that explains exactly what the new VoC Hub™ is, how it works, and the technology that drives it. The white paper also clearly demonstrates the benefits that companies that deploy the VoC Hub ™ will gain. This white paper can be downloaded from the following URL:

About SandSIV 

SandSIV solutions directly contribute to increased operational efficiency, help accelerate business performance and provide measurable impact on revenues and the bottom-line. SandSIV operates globally and specializes in the following industry verticals: Automotive, Entertainment, Financials, Hospitality, Media, Retail, Telecoms, Transport and Utilities. The company is headquartered in Switzerland with representative offices and distribution partners across EMEA.

“VoC Hub” is a Trademark of SandSIV Group

Contact Information
SandSIV Switzerland Ltd.
Technoparkstrasse 1
CH-8005 Zürich, Switzerland
Phone: +41-43-205 21 32

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