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Hypatia Research Group places SANDSIV in Galaxy™ Leadership Orbit

November 12, 2014 Market Research, sandsiv+, VOC HUB

SANDSIV Ranks Highly in 2014 “Voice of the Customer” Vendor Evaluations

Industry analyst and market research firm Hypatia Research Group recently announced the publication of its unique primary research study, entitled “Operationalizing Enterprise Voice of the Customer: Best Practices, Maturity Models, and 2014 Galaxy™ Vendor Evaluations.”

Hypatia Research Group conducted a comprehensive vendor evaluation of 23 market-leading Voice of the Customer (VOC) solution providers, utilizing 10 data-driven dimensional criteria, coupled with end-user customer interviews and product demonstrations. In addition, 498 global end-users responsible for voice of the customer software and programs provided input to an extensive survey authored by Hypatia Research.

In this report SandSIV achieved the highest score in Hypatia’s Galaxy™ evaluation for corporate vision and product range.

According to the report, “Purpose built VoC applications are interconnected via the SandSIV VoC Hub™, which includes among others, VOC Feedback (multichannel & multi-language enterprise feedback management platform), VoC Visual (real-time visualization of analytics via a customizable, multi-layered dashboard and report generator) and VoC Analytics (leading edge classification algorithms such as sentiment, opinion, predictive, clusters, tagging and other advanced analytics techniques. It is comprised of two modules-VOC Classify and VOC Mine).”

Leslie Ament, SVP & Principal Analyst (http://hypatiaresearch.com/research-coverage/) specifically praises SandSIV by saying that, “SandSIV over-delivers with a highly targeted and robust portfolio of customer intelligence offerings which include SaaS-based software, consulting services, and best practice approaches.”

Its core product, the Voice of the Customer Hub (VoC Hub™), functions as a Big Data repository that is capable of organizing, indexing and correlating all customer data, regardless of information type (structured or contextual in nature), source (internal or external) or channel of customer engagement. SandSIV VoC Hub™ maximizes the analytical value of these heterogeneous data streams by using advanced text analytics to extract and normalize entities such as names, products, places, specific key phrases and more, as well as automatic classification by topics or themes that are important to the customer journey. These insights can then be merged back in to the CRM, greatly enriching the available customer data by providing additional information such as social network information. Moreover, alerts, triggers and other automated processes can be set up to prompt action and drive workflow across departments, business units and even individuals based on VOC insights.

This fifty-five page study with twenty-five figures provides end-user organizations with best practice benchmarking, vendor evaluations, business return on investment case studies and an analysis of how and why companies invest in VOC software solutions, what tangible benefits are possible, and what metrics can be used to measure the ROI of an enterprise VOC initiative.

About SandSIV
SandSIV enables its clients to begin working in a more customer centric manner, by listening to the Voice of the Customer, and turning it in to actionable Customer Intelligence. SandSIV provides a combination of purpose built SaaS technology, and expert Customer Experience Management consulting, which combine to deliver a platform that can positively affect revenues for any company, in any market or region, with a rapid ROI.

Contact Information 
Web: www.sandsiv.com  
Email: info@sandsiv.com 
Phone: +41 (43) 205 21 32

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